About Us

Placek Consulting is led by Scott Placek. Scott is an insurance litigation attorney with 20 years experience as an administrator, coaching director, officer and board member in various youth soccer organizations. He has represented youth soccer associations as an attorney, and has served as an expert witness on standard of care issues related to the duties owed by an association to its participants. At Placek Consulting, Scott combines his experience as an insurance expert, a seasoned trial attorney and a soccer board member to provide cutting edge advice and recommendations to youth sports organizations on issues of risk management.

With years of experience as a youth sports association director, Scott understands that risk management is a process that can be forgotten in the rush of getting ready for the season and playing the games!  He also understands that for non-profits, every dollar is important.  At Placek Consulting, we have two goals.  First, we want to make risk management planning easy for you.  Our extensive experience in youth sports means there is very little time spent on the “learning curve.”  We are ready to start when you are.  Second, we believe that risk management is so important for youth sports associations that we never want cost to be a factor in your decision to hire a risk management consultant.  Whether your association is 100 players or 100,000 players, we provide services you can afford and benefit from.  No association is too small because no player’s safety is unimportant!

Placek Consulting is not an insurance broker, and its services are not offered in conjunction with the sale or renewal of any insurance products. We provide independent advice to our clients on how to manage risk and minimize potential exposures to the association and its participants.