Free Consultations Available at NSCAA Convention

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Scott Placek of Placek Consulting has been attending the NSCAA convention for years.  First, as a club Director of Coaching, later as a college club, and today as a small youth association DOC, Scott enjoys learning from the best and brightest minds in coaching education, and of course visiting with coaching friends both old and new.  However, since launching his consulting practice, the NSCAA convention provides an opportunity for Placek Consulting to offer face to face assistance to club officers and directors tasked with addressing risk management in an environment that is growing increasingly dangerous and litigious.

During the NSCAA convention, Placek Consulting will provide free 30 minute risk management consultations on a space available basis.  Most sessions will be breakfast meetings or early evening sessions following the close of most classroom events.  If you’d like to reserve some time, contact us via our webform, or call 512-487-RISK.

After It’s Too Late

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In the midst of the challenges of running your programs and preparing for the next season, it is easy to let risk management planning slip by the way side.  Every week, coaches from settings varying from university to youth athletics are accused of improper behavior.  Often, it is difficult to imagine how such behavior went unchecked and unmonitored.  The answer is simple: often we don’t address the problem until it’s too late.

In Pennsylvania, a local school board recently adopted an adult-student interaction policy.  Consisting of five pages of detailed instructions, it “restricts electronic communications with students to the school’s systems and outlines what is inappropriate to discuss with students and where and how interactions take place. It even bans knowingly engaging in online gaming with students.” (Full story here).  But the policy didn’t come out of a considered and proactive approach to risk management.  It followed the arrest of a coach for “institutional sexual assault and corrupting a minor” — a sixteen year old female student.  Despite the fact that electronic communications are a primary grooming method used by abusers, the school had no policies in place to address the interaction between its staff and students.

However, some organizations do act proactively.  In Tennessee, an arrested youth football coach is demanding reinstatement after the league suspended him following his arrest.  The coach was charged with a road rage incident and threatening a 16 year old driver with a knife.  In addition, burned marijuana cigarettes were found in the car.  At the time of his arrest, a closed knife was found on the dashboard.  Incredibly, parents from the team he coaches started a petition to have him reinstated.  (Full story here).  Although the coach is certainly entitled to a presumption of innocence on the criminal charges, a youth sports organization is entitled to act to protect its participants pending the outcome of the trial, and would even be justified in denying future participation if it so decided.  This type of proactive, kids first attitude is to be commended.

At Placek Consulting, we work with youth sports associations to address issues before they become problems.  We give you the tools to manage your volunteers and staff in an atmosphere that conveys professionalism and respect while still focusing on child protection.  Find out how we can help you.  Call Scott Placek at 512-487-RISK (7475).

Placek Consulting to Present at STYSA Summer Meeting

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Scott Placek, senior consultant with Placek Consulting, will be a featured presenter at the South Texas Youth Soccer Association’s Summer Governing Board Meeting.  The Summer GBM, which features educational programming for STYSA’s member associations, will be held June 19-21, 2013 in San Antonio, Texas.  Scott will be speaking on Saturday afternoon, and his presentation will focus on Board Leadership: The Legal Liability of Boards.  This presentation will look not only at the obligations of the individual board members, but also at areas of potential liability for soccer clubs and their governing bodies.

Scott Placek has over 20 years experience as a volunteer board member, club officer, and coaching director.  Most of this experience has been in the South Texas Youth Soccer Association.  In addition, Scott is a licensed attorney, specializing in insurance litigation.  He operates Placek Consulting, LLC, which is the only risk management consulting company that focuses on providing services directly to member soccer clubs and their governing associations.  He has represented soccer association in litigation, and served as an expert witness on issues involving coach molestation and volunteer screening and management.  Placek Consulting also produces the website, featuring news and information on risk management issues common to all youth sports associations.