Challenges of Writing Policies – Coach Accused of Molesting Child on Overnight Trip

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Often, the focus on screening and managing coaches turns on the coach who volunteers with no clear attachment to any player or participant in the organization.  The coach may be single or married without kids, but volunteers to work with youth players.  These volunteers often face heightened scrutiny.  However, a recent case from Indiana reminds us that there is no profile that a club can rely on to decide that some coaches are safe and some require extra attention.

A travel soccer coach who coached his daughter’s team was recently arrested and charged with molesting one of his daughter’s friends both in his house and on an overnight trip to Kentucky.  (Full Story Here).  The article is not clear on whether the victim was a player on the team, but another report states that the coach is accused of raping the girl while staying at a hotel for a soccer tournament.   One of the challenges in crafting policies for youth associations is finding the right balance with coaches who have children competing.  In that circumstance, there may be numerous valid reasons why a coach may have contact with a youth player in his home or in other settings outside of the association.  However, those valid reasons could also provide cover to a predator who fixates on a friend of his own child.

At Placek Consulting, we specialize in drafting child protection policies that find a balance between the legitimate interaction between parent volunteers and youth participants, and the need to protect both the association and its players.  Let us help you draft or review your policies to be sure that your child protection goals are met.

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