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As mentioned on this site, one of the goals of Placek Consulting is to get interesting and important risk management information into the hands of our clients.  We also strive to help our clients implement good risk management practices by helping them train their volunteers.  As I frequently mention in my presentations, it is very rare that an association will be directly liable for the criminal acts of a volunteer (assault, molestation, etc.).  Rather, the lawsuits generally focus on two negligence allegations: the failure to screen and the failure to train/supervise the volunteers.

At Placek Consulting, we are developing online training programs that address both issues.  In additional to general educational materials on risk management, our online classroom will include training on how to screen volunteers.  In addition, we will be able to deliver low cost child protection training to association volunteers: board members, coaches and team parents.  Thanks to LearnDash, a unique online Learning Management System, our clients will be able to track the training of their volunteers and verify that the people they send out to work with the kids are completing required training programs.  LearnDash also enables us to design custom training programs for your association.  We can incorporate your league or club specific information directly into an online training video.  Again, the LearnDash system enables our clients to track completion of the training.

Imagine the added convenience to your volunteers and the burden lifted off you, administratively.  Preseason information meetings can be conduct online at the convenience of your volunteers.  If you want to deliver child safety training, you no longer have to find a qualified speaker, schedule a meeting and hope that 25% of your coaches show up.  Now you can simply purchase a license, and e-mail the class link to your volunteers.  Most importantly, because of the ease of development with LearnDash and technical advances in streaming technology, we can deliver video training for an effective cost that is often less than $2 a volunteer!  That may be less than you would pay to book a room, much less a speaker!

We anticipate releasing our first training courses this fall, with a full suite of risk management and player safety training available before the end of the seasonal year.  For more information, contact Scott Placek through this website or by calling 512-487-RISK (7475).


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