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Manage Contractor Risk: The Case of the Texting Umpire

Written by PC News on . Posted in Contractors, Molestation

Much of a board’s time on risk management may be spent focusing on its volunteer coaches, on weather procedures, and on other concerns internal to the organization.  However, most associations have external risks to manage as well.  Contractors, such as food vendors, photo providers and especially referees often have direct contact with an organization’s youth participants.  In Vero Beach, Florida, a 13 year old girl accused a 34 year old umpire of having sex with her.  They met at the little league fields where she was playing softball and he was working as an umpire.  She alleged that they began exchanging text messages and later developed a sexual relationship.

Although the umpire was acquitted of criminal charges, this does not preclude the possibility of civil litigation against the youth sports league.  Does your risk management plan account for exposures from contractors who might have contact with your youth players?

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