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Who Checks the Background Check?

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How One Simple Omission Puts the Entire System at Risk

I am generally reticent to give specific risk management advice online.  Every club is different and there is no one size fits all solution.  People ask for forms, but forms don’t address your specifics.  A risk management consultant can start with a template, but it is their expertise that let’s them customize the program to fit the specific needs of your association.  Risk management requires an investment of capital and human resources.  A program for a 1000 player club may not be feasible for a 200 player club.  This is what your consultant understands, and it is the reason that I hesitate to give blanket advice online or in my presentations.

After my last three presentations, though, I am going to make one exception, and I will make it because I think it proves two points.  First, it proves that whatever benefits criminal background checks yield, and there are some, there is an equal or greater risk of complacency that comes with the knowledge that those checks are being performed.  The second point is just as significant.  It proves that there is a reason clubs should rely on risk management professionals, instead of trying a “do it yourself” approach to risk management.  We have had background checks in Texas for ten years.  The advice I am about to give it so simple, the usual response I get is open mouths or gasps because people realize they have borne this risk for years and years.  If this simple procedure hasn’t been implemented in ten years, is it really feasible to think that you can create a functional risk management program by web surfing and forming a committee?

Touching Policies: Post Training Massages Land Boxing Coach in Jail for Six Years

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A 67 year old boxing coach was sentenced to six years in jail for continuing sexual abuse of a minor, after a female boxer complained of the coach’s post workout massage practices. (Full Story Here.)   According to the Monterrey Herald, a 14 year old student “accused him of rubbing a topical cream on her body, including her breasts and buttocks.  Salinas police officers said the girl told them [the coach] attempted to touch her vaginal area on many occasions and, after two years of groping under the guise of training massages, expressed a desire to have sex with her.”  Although he was eligible for felony probation, the judge elected to sentence him to prison to send a message to the community.

This incident raises issues of appropriate bodily contact between coaches and players.  Some associations have resorted to developing “touching policies” detailing what type of touching is appropriate and what is not.  Guidance such as hug from the side and not the front or back, don’t touch legs and other such policies are becoming more common.  However, with the development of policies it is often asserted that it is unfair to discipline coaches unless you have specifically told them what they can and can’t do.  From a risk management standpoint, this is a terrible approach.  Whether your club has a “touching policy” or not, there are some types of contact that common sense dictates is inappropriate.  Just because a specific type of touch is not listed in a policy should not mean that a coach gets one free touch until the policy is revised.

The obligation of the club in risk management is to eliminate risk where possible and minimize any remaining risk.  If a coach lacks the common sense to appreciate that a particular contact is inappropriate, the club is entitled to take appropriate action whether the contact is specifically prohibited or not!  A well drafted touching policy will clearly advise the coaches that the listed behaviors are not an exclusive list, and that the club retains the right to take action on any inappropriate contact.  If you need assistance drafting a policy on physical contact, call us at 512-879-1655.