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Goal Post Safety – Spot Check Finds Unanchored Goals

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Goal post safety has been a focus of youth soccer risk management for many years. Since 1979, nearly 40 young people have died from soccer goal accidents. Wrongful death lawsuits resulting from unanchored goals have resulted in multimillion dollar settlements. Consumer warnings are now included with goal, and governing bodies have created inspection policies. But are they enforced?

In a recent Massachusetts investigation, a Boston television news team inspected soccer goals in nine communities. In six of the communities they found unanchored goals. In many cases, sandbags were laying next to or near the goals, but not being used to anchor them. During the visits, the news team saw a child swinging from the crossbar of an unanchored goal! (Read the full story here.)

If you were to inspect your fields today, what would the results show? Annual goal post inspections may be a mandated procedure, but club’s should have policies developed for more regular inspection, and procedures to follow anytime a goal is moved. Lightweight training goals should be the preferred “mobile” goal, with the heavier goals left only for game use and securely anchored.

Goal Post Safety: Five Year Old Killed by Falling Soccer Goal

Written by PC News on . Posted in Field Safety

Most governing bodies now have goal post inspection procedures in place. As a local club, do you follow the minimum requirements, or do you go beyond the state mandated inspections. If your teams find their own practice locations, are you inspecting those goals?

Several months ago in Canada, another child was killed by a falling soccer goal. The girl was crawling in the grass in front of the goal, when another child pushed on the side support, sending the goal tipping over. The coroner’s report found that the goal “was intended for indoor use, was rusty and missing screws, and was not anchored to the ground.” As expected, litigation against the property owner has been announced.

Read the story online here: Nanaimo Daily News